Literary Editing

Fiction, Non-fiction, Novel, Short stories, Poetry, Magazine articles, Scripts, and more

Developmental edit

  • Fiction: Plot, Story arc, Pacing, Character development, Dialogue, Point-of-view
  • Non-fiction: Tone, Organisation, Exposition

$20/1,000 words

What you will pay

Line edit

  • Flow
  • Stylistic and formatting consistency
  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling

$10/1,000 words

What you will pay

Custom turnaround time

Each manuscript is unique, and so is the turnaround time for each manuscript. The turnaround time is arrived at on the basis of the total word count and the desired level of editing. We would also be happy to fast-track your manuscript if you’re in a rush. 

For a precise turnaround time, please email us or place an order!