About Annote

Established by A. G. in 2020, Annote aims to provide editorial assistance to authors through academic and research editing across disciplinesbusiness editing, and literary editing for fiction and non-fiction texts across genres, with especial focus on history, the arts, social sciences, and other disciplines within the humanities

Annote also offers the world’s first editorial consultation services for institutions looking to build a solid communications framework for internal and external communications.

About A.G.

An editor who loves the written word and thinks it’s the greatest thing that she gets to help people realise the full potential of something they have written, A. G. has over 10 years of editorial and research experience across disciplines and genres. She started Annote in 2020, in a pandemic-induced revelation that what she would really like to do with her time is work with others to help polish their written work, from their research papers and assignment drafts, to their novels and poetry. With extensive familiarity with style guides and communications structures, as well as her experience working across industries, A. G. is equipped to seamlessly integrate the guidelines and rules of the language with your requirements to ensure your document meets the highest standards.  

About A.G.

The Team

Our editors have multiple degrees in various disciplines, including English Literature, Journalism, and Psychology, and at least a decade of English language editing experience. 

Each member of Annote has edited content for Ivy League universities, global technology companies, magazines, scripts from production studios, and academic journals across disciplines.

At Annote, we consider experience to be paramount, and with prior affiliations to institutions like the Indian Institute of Management and Reuters, we guarantee that our editors are perfectly equipped to bring out the very best in your writing.